Nice news of the day – January 10, 2020

Did you know North Dakota’s population has reached a record level of 762,000 people?

And did you know today’s news has a community of prayer warriors, “famous” Minoters, and not one, but two Stories of the Week?

Over the last year, I’ve posted a couple of stories that don’t have a happy beginning – heart attacks, farm accidents, and now a skiing collision – but they all end with tales of love, perseverance, and kindness.  Hunter’s attitude, his mother’s message, and the rallying community prayer support is one for the books. (Grand Forks Herald)

I love programs that highlight North Dakotans – like the “We Call Minot Home” art project, which will ultimately feature 100 portraits and stories of Minoters. (KX Net)

STORIES (2 of them!) of the Week: Nothing brings out the North Dakota Nice like a snowstorm. (KX Net) (KVRR)

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