Nice news of the day – January 13, 2020

Did you know a feature western film named “Sanctified” will begin filming in the North Dakota Badlands in May?

And did you know today’s news is about inspiring rivers, busy Minoters, and soup kitchens?   Read on.


Fargo’s Tim Kloberdanz has written two fiction novels about the rivers of North Dakota, which is nice in itself; but the reason why he did – and also started a publishing house – is a lesson in perseverance and living life to its fullest. (Fargo Forum)

There’s a Facebook group called “Things to do with kids in Grand Forks” that I use almost every weekend to see what’s going on around town.  I love it, and I use it as contradictory proof when someone says there’s nothing to do around here.  So, I’m so glad Jodie Frankl has started a “Be Local” magazine in Minot to help promote all of the stuff to do in the area. (KX Net)

A good reminder about the importance of volunteerism. (KX Net)

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