You Betcha: a guided meditation | December 15, 2021

You’re sitting in your favorite armchair, which was initially pretty expensive but purchased for 75% off thanks to a coupon book you bought from your co-worker’s fifteen-year-old so his class could go on a field trip to Minneapolis to see the Johnny Holm Band.  You’re wearing a brand-new sweatshirt that is still amazingly soft because it hasn’t been washed yet.  Speaking of that, you’re all caught up with the laundry.  Also, the house is clean, your email inbox is cleared out, and there’s taco hot dish bubbling in the oven and a bowl of puppy chow on the counter.

“You betcha,” you think.  “Yep, you betcha.”

Through the window, you see it has begun to snow.  Big, spun-sugar flakes drift gently down to the earth, immediately evaporating the moment they touch any surface requiring shoveling, but somehow blanketing everything else in sparkling fluff.  Your thermometer – shaped like a buffalo wearing a beanie and just about the cutest thing you’ve ever seen, to be sure – reads forty degrees.

“You betcha,” you think.  “You betcha.”

You light the fireplace for a bit more coziness, and the crackling warmth mixes with the sound of Lori Line’s latest Christmas CD.  Your mom got that CD autographed at Dayton’s, you know.

“You betcha,” you think.  “You betcha.”

While the air temperature outside is delightful, the ground is a miraculously-steady ten-below – convenient for the neighborhood children as they ice skate on backyard rinks and build snowmen on every berm.  On the nearby river, puffs of smoke rise from the chimneys of a makeshift community of cheery ice houses, swirling around the hoarfrost-covered trees lining the riverbank.  One of the fishermen steps out to pee – wait, I mean get something from the truck – and you can see the bell on his line ring-a-linging with a catch.  He slips a bit on his way back inside.

“Ope,” you think – and then, when you see that he’s fine, “You betcha.”

It’s 4:00; the sun is beginning to set.  The world is covered in a golden glow, made even more magical as families (and solar pads) turn on their Christmas decorations.  Soon you’ll fire up the ol’ Suburban and go for a twinkle tour around town, possibly popping into one of the Turkey Bingos happening somewhere.  If you win, you can merrily ding-dong-ditch the bird on the porch of the families in town for a little secret ho-ho-holiday giving.

“You betcha,” you think.  “You betcha.”

Later you’ll watch the UND game, where the Hawks will undoubtedly beat the University of Minnesota.  Maybe you’ll invite a small group of friends over; you know everyone will leave contented, with spinach dip in their bellies and Grandma’s latest batch of red eye in their hearts.

“You betcha,” you think.  “Yep, you betcha.”

The photo above is of my good sport of a husband, who didn’t ask a single question when I said, “Hey, hold this snowman for a second.”

Speaking of photos, look at this one:

Did you know this photo represents the fact that Kenzie Dorsher and I are raising money for the St. Joseph’s Food Bank? Read more here.

Also, did you know this week’s news has Shock and Claus, a bundle of toys (and coats), and a trio called Raynes?  Read on.

Medora’s Laynie Simons now has a pretty sweet playhouse thanks to Make-A-Wish North Dakota. (KFYR TV)

Seven West Fargo small business owners did a “Shock and Claus” when they gave their 19-year-old waitress – who had recently taken in her younger sister after the death of their mother – a $700 tip. (Valley News Live)

Bismarck’s Hope Manor held a coat drive – and received 75 coats – in honor of a friend who recovered from addiction. (KX Net)

The West River Lodge #5 Fraternal Order of Police took 40 Dickinson-area children to Walmart for their annual “Shop with a Cop” event. (Dickinson Press)

If you live in or around Minot, the Minot Wreaths Across America is looking for volunteers to hang wreaths on 1,080 graves of veterans in the Rosehill Memorial Cemetery on December 18. (KFYR TV)

Bismarck’s first responders hosted a toy drive and received 280 donations thanks to the generosity of the community. (KX Net)

Two North Dakotans – Matt Charley and Joe Berger – are a part of the musical trio Raynes, and will soon be competing on a British game show called Walk the Line. (KX Net)

Good luck to Miss North Dakota Reyna Bergstrom, who will be competing on Thursday for the title of Miss America! (Fargo Forum)

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