Nice news of the day – August 9, 2019

Good luck to 11-year-old Jamison Mutschler of Valley City, who has qualified for the Amateur National Motocross Championship!

And as you start the weekend, check out today’s North Dakota Nice news – which has puppies, friendship, and (of course) the Story of the Week.  Read on.

I had a collie named Lady growing up.  She looked just like Lassie, and when she would get a bath the groomer would put a bandanna around her neck and she would sit and pose around our house for a full day before going back to her daily routine of rolling in our garden.  I bet Lady would have loved to be a part of the Self Advocacy Club Pet Show in New Rockford(New Rockford Transcript)

All-school reunions are so wholesome, aren’t they?  This detailed look at the Belfield All-School Reunion is like apple pie and lace curtains on a summer day(Dickinson Press)

Story of the Week: “They weren’t just holding me up,” Kelley said. “They were literally like pumping me up in the air. I was dancing, having the time of my life.(KX Net)

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