A bicycle lunch built for two | September 24, 2020

I took the week off of work after my sons started back up at school so that I could, you know, take a nap or get a pedicure or just sit quietly after months of chaos.  By Friday I had yet to accomplish any of those things, and so my husband suggested that we take a bike ride to Thompson, have lunch (and maybe a lunch beer), and then ride back with enough time for me to give napping another try before it was time to pick up the boys at 3:00.  It was a great idea; I love lunch, and this was far enough – four miles from our country house to the restaurant – that it would technically count as exercise.

We put pedals to the gravel on an absolutely beautiful day, with nothing but harvest-ready farmland and blue skies from bottom to top as far as the eye could see.  And, because it’s North Dakota, every square inch of that majestic glory was windy.

The wind made the ride a bit of a challenge; but it was sunny and the air smelled great (albeit a bit dusty from all of the gravel and grain swirling around) and I’m always highly motivated by food.  Besides, I told myself as I huffed and puffed along, the wind would be behind us on the way back.

By the time we reached the restaurant, I was wiped.  I must have looked as great as I felt because the bartender met us at our table with a giant pitcher of water and one of those tinfoil blankets they give to people at the end of marathons.  It took me the entire lunch and the entire pitcher of water (and a bucket of ranch dressing) to recover.

Remember how I said the wind would be at our backs on the return trip home?  Turns out, this was one of those North Dakota winds that blows in every direction all at the same time.  And somehow, in the one hour we had been in the restaurant, it had picked up from “a light breeze” to “pre-tornado gales.”  No matter how hard I pedaled, I never seemed to gain any ground.  My husband had to stop and wait for me at least three times.  It probably would have been faster to walk home.

I got inside with only minutes to spare before I had to pick up the kids from school.  I doused myself with another bucket of water, changed my embarrassingly-sweaty shirt, grabbed my keys, and told my husband to sell my bike.  He didn’t, and we’re giving the same ride another go this weekend so that I can finally get that lunch beer.  Also, he took a picture of me on the way to the restaurant as proof that we did it, and it is above.

The moral of the story is that even with the wind, North Dakota is incredible at harvest time, and I’m going to get a golf cart for the next ride to town.

Speaking of beautiful North Dakota, this week’s news has the best spots to view fall colors, a group for men who like Pumpkin Spice, and a guy named Nick who is walking from Fargo to Grand Forks.  Read on.

Bismarck’s Nyk Edinger has started a Facebook support group for men who like Pumpkin Spice. (KX Net)

Fargo’s Nick Barth is a long-time supporter of the Fargo Police Force – and is showing his support this weekend by walking from Fargo to Grand Forks to raise money for Fargo and Grand Forks police youth funds. (Grand Forks Herald)

A team of off-duty Highway Patrol Troopers and Police Officers were honored this week for saving a man’s life at a youth football game in Bismarck in early September. (KFYR TV)

It’s time for the annual Beulah/Hazen Schools’ book drive – which has distributed more than 4,000 books in previous years. (BHG News)

The trees in my backyard have been changing to the most beautiful yellows and reds this weekend.  If you want to be surrounded by the best of fall, ND Tourism has put together a list of the best places for fall foliage in the area. (ND Tourism)

Fargo’s Matt Nelson has now made YouTube fishing a full-time vocation. (Fargo Forum)

Jamestown elementary students celebrated the signing of the U.S. Constitution with a song and streamers. (Jamestown Sun)

The Dickinson Fire Department has a new-old concrete mixer for training thanks to some generous donors. (Dickinson Press)

Our beautiful fall weather came just in time for ChalkFest. (KVRR)

Have any coats kicking around that you don’t wear?  The Salvation Army will find them some arms to love. (KX Net)

The Jamestown Rotary Club held a small ceremony in celebration of the International Day of Peace. (Jamestown Sun)

Congratulations to Minot’s Kristi Reinke, North Dakota’s Teacher of the Year! (Minot Daily News)

The 38th Annual Yesterday’s Farmer’s Threshing Bee brought all of the “loud and proud” equipment to the streets of Bowman. (Bowman Extra)

Williston artist Eddie Wold will represent North Dakota at a gallery display at the White House’s annual “Made in America” event. (KFYR TV)

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