Nice news of the week – March 12, 2020

Congratulations to Valley City’s Nicholas Lee, who was presented with a Diamond Coach Award by the National Speech & Debate Association for his work with the students at Valley City High School!  Did you know:

  • Richard Gullickson of Center is one of the longest-surviving heart transplant patients alive today?  He turned 83 in February, and has had his “new” heart for 29 years.
  • A Hillsboro cow gave birth to quadruplets in February?  The odds are 1 in 11.2 million of that happening.
  • North Dakota high schoolers came out on top in a Battle of the Border High School Rodeo against their fellow Minnesota riders?
  • Meredith Sorensen of Harwood is at the end of her cancer fight, and so her friends are trying to raise money to bring her home?  She is currently in Maryland, where she had been seeking treatment.  You can find the donation link in this week’s news.

And speaking of the news, there are all sorts of great stories about law students, time capsules, tractor pulls, and more.  Read on.


Minot’s Kristen Dionne organized a meal train to feed the people at the Men’s Winter Refuge of Minot, and dozens of people signed up to help. (Minot Daily News)

Merideth Sorensen’s friends and family are raising money so that she can end her cancer fight at home.  You can donate here and here. (Fargo Forum)

The Wahpeton community is rallying around a five-year-old boy with a mysterious illness. (Wahpeton Daily News)

Williston’s Kenyon France is turning his family tragedy into a legacy of love through music. (KFYR TV)

My favorite part of this, besides the fundraiser, is that it’s called a shindig. (Dickinson Press)

Since 2017, North Dakota law students have been working to overturn wrongful convictions. (Grand Forks Herald)

What a great service: the Watford City School District has a bilingual family liaison to help Spanish-speaking parents get their kids educated. (Bismarck Tribune)

One of my co-workers donated bone marrow and gave a very convincing presentation as to why it’s important for everyone to swab their cheeks.  I don’t know if he also spoke to the NDSU Love Your Melon Campus Crew, but they decided to set up their own swab drive to help people with blood cancer. (KVRR)

I have worked in architecture for 20 years, and in that time I bet we’ve only placed two or three time capsules in new buildings – which is why it’s so cool that the cornerstone for the Good Samaritan Hospital contained a time capsule from 1929. (Williston Herald)

Here is the story of Richard Gullickson and his amazing heart. (Bismarck Tribune)

The Dickinson Police Department is using UAVs to reconstruction crashes, locate suspects during patrol, and find secondary fires. (Dickinson Press)

My husband is a hockey agent so I’m very biased about this – but so much as I’ve seen first-hand, hockey players are (generally speaking) the nicest people. (Grand Forks Herald)

Logan Sprunk’s step-son and daughter are the fourth generation of his family to compete in the Valley City tractor pull. (News Dakota)

Story of the Week: You know my feelings on North Dakota and Arizona.  And I’m not alone – turns out every year, hundreds of North Dakotans gather in Mesa for a picnic. (North Dakota Nice) (AZ Central)

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