Nice news of the day – December 30, 2019

Did you know North Dakota is getting younger?  In 2018, the media age was 35.2; compared to 37.0 in 2010.  And interestingly, below the 2018 U.S. median age of 38.2.

And did you know today’s news is about carolers, Mrs. Williston, and Young Eagles?  Read on.

I’ve had an itch to go caroling for the last few years, and just haven’t gotten off my butt to put together a group (I need a BIG group to drown out my own singing).  Why?  Look at the faces of the residents at the Evergreen assisted living facility in Dickinson, who were serenaded by high school students, and tell me you don’t want to go caroling, too. Or look at the cuties from McVay Elementary at the Williston Senior Center. (Dickinson Press) (Williston Herald)

Williston’s Falon Justice – the self-described “Mrs. Williston” – held her own Christmas gift and food drive for five families struggling with medical emergencies. (Williston Herald)

Fargo’s Stewart Peterson gave free airplane rides to show off the Experimental Aircraft Association’s “Young Eagles” program to get kids excited about flight. (Fargo Forum)

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