Nice news of the day – November 15, 2019

Did you know the Dickens Village Festival opens November 29 in Garrison? You have three weekends to ride horse-drawn wagons, watch the stage production of “A Christmas Carol,” take in concerts, and shop for Christmas arts and crafts.

And it’s Friday, which means it’s time for the Story of the Week (which is really, really nice this week) – but it’s also time for Country Neighbors and two-handed bowling (which is not, as it sounds, throwing a ball with two hands).  Read on.

I’m so excited – it’s time for Country Neighbors! (New England Extra)

I can barely bowl with one hand (unless it’s Wii Bowling and then I’m a CHAMP), and Noah Leick of Valley City is not just a two-handed bowler, he just bowled the first 300 game in the history of VC’s Youth Bowling. (Valley City Times-Record)

Story of the Week: Terry Clayton of New Town donated 443 turkey dinners to the Lord’s Cupboard Food Pantry so that families can have a proper Thanksgiving.  Oh, and he also serves free Thanksgiving dinner at his restaurant, the Ranchman 23, to anyone who needs a place to go. (Minot Daily News)

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