Nice news of the day – August 29, 2019

Did you know the 99th Slope County Fair in Amidon – the “smallest county seat in the nation” – starts on Friday and includes a pig roast and a sweet corn supper?

And did you know today’s news features bubbles, Suffragettes, and “Bee-ing” Innovative?  Read on.

We need to have a foam party in Grand Forks because this looks AWESOME. (Dunn Country Extra)

My sons love the Heritage Center, so the latest exhibit on Women’s Suffrage seems like as good a reason as any to make the trip over to Bismarck (we also go to see the Mastodon). (Minot Daily News)

You’ve heard me say again and again that North Dakota is currently leading the nation in honey production.  Here’s the latest efforts for pollination: Bee Innovative. (Grand Forks Herald)

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