Nice news of the day – July 5, 2019

Did you know that the North Dakota Geological Survey sponsors digs throughout the summer – including one last weekend in the Sentinel Butte Formation – and you can sign up to participate?  Apparently it’s pretty common to find a crocodile tooth or a turtle rib (which you don’t get to keep, but still very cool).

And I bet you knew that today’s news has the story of the week, right?  Read on.

I’m really lazy, and recently I decided to get less lazy by waking up early to do yoga in my living room.  As I write this, I have yoga’d for six whole days in a row and based on my how much I’m bragging it up to everyone you’d think that I was North Dakota’s first woman to compete in CrossFit Games – like Sue Lawson, age 60, who is also only the second total person from our state to participate. (KX Net)

My husband and I are binge-watching the TV show Parks & Recreation right now, and if ever our state had its own Ron Swanson, he (or she) would be a member of the new North Dakota 4-H and FFA Meats Judging team. (Adams County Extra)

Story of the Week: If you’re the type of person who looks for unlocked cars to give away the plethora of zucchini squash you grow every year, you may want to take that generosity a step further and be like Minot’s Duane Brekke. (Minot Daily News)

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