Nice news of the day – November 8, 2018

Fifth-grader Trae Fisher has started a recycling program at Prairie Rose, with a bonus story about how the school is teaching leadership skills to third-, fourth-, and fifth-graders. (Dickinson Press)

I was recently invited to a meeting of the minds (and me, too) to think about ways to teach children on the meaning of entrepreneurship.  While Minot State University’s new entrepreneurship majors are older than our target audience, their Five Dollar Challenge is genius and easily scalable (or de-scalable?) to elementary students. (Minot Daily News)

One of my favorite things about North Dakota newspapers is that they publish the local schools’ Students of the Month.  I was Student of the Month (is it a humble brag if you’re straight-up bragging?) a thousand years ago and I still have the Grand Forks Herald clipping with my name in it. (Valley City Times-Record)

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