Nice news of the day – October 29, 2018

I’m sure we all remember the joke (“joke”) that for the longest time, North Dakota’s biggest export was young people.  Now, North Dakota has had one of the largest population increases in the “heartland region,” which includes 19 states across the Midwest. We are also one of the top states in poverty rate reduction, GDP per capita, and reduced obesity rate.  Yay, us! (Dickinson Press)

Maybe North Dakota is growing in leaps and bounds because we like living in or near the country.  According to a study by NPR, rural residents “generally feel their lives are turning out as expected, if not better.”  I live out in the country, and despite the fact that my car hasn’t been clean in five years, I agree that it’s pretty, pretty, pretty great. (MyNDNow)

And speaking of pretty, pretty, pretty great, Donna Stumphf grew and then donated 3,100 pounds of vegetables to the Salvation Army and the Northlands Rescue Mission.  All Seasons Garden Center donated her garden plot, and Donna’s was assisted by the Lion’s Club, UND students, and her grandson.  This is a great alternative use for those of us who grow so many zucchini, apples, and cucumbers that our friends start to avoid us/lock their car doors. (Grand Forks Herald)

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