Hockey Tournaments | NNoTW March 25, 2021

This week’s story is about Hockey Moms, and this week’s news has free food, free braces, and and a shipping-container-turned-cabin built with free materials.  Read on.

North Dakota Nice News of the Week | November 5, 2020

This week’s story is about my five-year-old’s newfound interest, and this week’s news is about a newfangled engine, “The Superbowl of Field Reports,” and a ND Nice Facebook exchange about a dog named Rufus.  Read on.

North Dakota Nice News of the Week | August 20, 2020

Did you know that Fargo has been named one of Forbes magazine’s Best Places to Retire?  The reasoning: low cost of living, good air quality, cheaper houses, available doctors, and lots to do.

And did you know that all of the communities in North Dakota are awesome?  Find out why in this week’s news – about silver linings, friendly neighbors, and a hometown hero.  Read on.

Nice news of the day – October 25, 2018

Not sure why these three U.S. Presidents are in the header for today’s Nice News? Well, I guess you’d better read on.

(Not pictured: Pres. Lyndon Johnson, who never visited ND)