Nice news of the week – June 25, 2020

They may have cancelled their regular season programming, but did you know Frost Fire Theater will be putting on four virtual 40-minute original musical comedy shows on YouTube, starting July 25?  Check them out here:

And did you know this week’s news has a virtual fishing tournament (this weekend!), a next-gen hog farm, and Gardar?  Read on.

North Dakota Grows: Chris and Dakota Fiber Mill (and Teresa and Shepherd Industries)

North Dakota is a place of beautiful textures, in part thanks to Dakota Fiber Mill – which turns fleece from alpaca, angora, bison, and even possum into sumptuous yarn. The fantastic Chris Armbrust has kindly offered up his thoughts on what’s next for North Dakota’s homegrown and homespun arts community (including a new live-in artist retreat). Read on.