Nice news of the day – October 18, 2019

Did you know that there were seven children’s choral festivals that took place around North Dakota last weekend so as to “Surround the State in Song?”

And did you know today’s news has not one, not two, but THREE Stories of the Week – from Brocket, Aneta, and Minot?  Read on.

Story of the Week: Brocket’s Luke Lillehaugen, recently named Master Sheep Producer by the North Dakota Lamb and Wool Producer’s Association, is so gentle with his flock that they come to him when they hear his voice. (Grand Forks Herald)

Hey, here’s a second Story of the Week: From Legos to Elvis, everything in this story about the Huso family is straight-up cute. (Grand Forks Herald)

And ANOTHER Story of the Week: Central Campus high school now has a Blessing Bank, which is full of free personal care items for students to use. (KX Net)