Nice news of the day – January 6, 2020

Happy birthday to the first North Dakota babies born in the new year: Thielen Raic Narum (Bismarck) and Katalaya Selena Foley (Fargo)!

And happy nice news day – about combating opioid addiction, getting to 50, and serving in the Mythical Navy.  Read on.

Glen Ullin’s Rhonda Schmidt is helping people addicted to opioids in Beach, Dickinson, Killdeer, and Grant and Morton counties who cannot get to Bismarck for treatment. (AP News)

Kendra Bowman’s grandparents were on a quest to visit all 50 states.  They made it to 49, with just North Dakota to go, when her grandfather fell ill and make it so they couldn’t travel anymore.  So, a friend packaged up a little North Dakota Nice to bring North Dakota to them. (KVRR)

This is a great lesson in the importance of good water – but my read takeaway here is that we have a North Dakota Mythical Navy. (Grand Forks Herald)

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