Nice news of the day – January 3, 2020

We love our 26,000 North Dakota family farms!  Did you know that family farms account for 98% of U.S. farms and 88% of U.S. ag production?

And did you know today’s news is in support of foster kids, “Favorite” kitties, and the Story of the Week?  Read on.

I’ve never thought about the fact that foster children often leave home with nothing more than the clothes on their backs – so it’s awesome when people and businesses step in to help provide updated, organized, and easy-to-distribute clothes for these fantastic kids. (KX Net)

Watford City’s Ardith Favorite is on a mission to neuter and save stray cats. (McKenzie County Farmer)

Story of the Week: An anonymous donor paid off all of the back taxes on all 22 of the delinquent mobile homes in Cass County. (Fargo Forum)

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