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From Sierra Wilson, who had not one, but two stories:



K guys. Crazy North Dakota Nice story comin at ya…
So we are heading across the state for my aunt’s funeral…we had to leave tonight to try & beat the worst of the blizzard rolling in. We were on the road for a couple hours before we met the storm & about 20 miles into the snow & our Service Engine Light comes on…😱😰🤦‍♀️ Awesome! We pull into the gas station in Lakota, ND & check fluids (which were all fine when checked yesterday). Our oil was low…probably unrelated to the check engine light, but it got us to pull over & make this discovery all the same. The gas station had just closed & the ladies were out back getting into their cars. They didn’t have a key as the manager had it so they couldn’t get back in. We had 60 miles still to go in the snow & no more gas stations open along the way. One of the ladies called her husband & he found oil in their garage. We followed her to her house & they sent us on our way with 2 quarts of oil…which they refused to accept payment for.
THIS IS NORTH DAKOTA!!! And this is why I will always call this frozen tundra My Home.

PS: If any of my friends know the nice lady with short blonde hair who works at the Lakota Cenex, please tell her she’s awesome!



I can’t even make this stuff up! 🤷‍♀️
North Dakota Nice Round 2:
After my aunt’s prayer service last night, the blizzard was still in full force & we got not one, but two, big 4WD vehicles full of cousins & kids stuck within a half a block of my cousin’s house…literally 3 mins after the guys pushed out a stuck car. 🤦‍♀️😂
While trying to gun it through a drift, the 1-ton truck we were riding in slid into a 3-4 foot drift & we were so stuck it would have taken hours to dig out…we couldn’t even open the doors on one side of the truck the snow was so deep. After digging for a few mins, a garage door opened up & a gentleman came out with his big snowblower to help us. You guys, this man spent about 30 mins digging us out!!! AND THEN he plowed up the road & around the corner to dig out our other vehicle that had gotten stuck trying to get to their house from the other road. This total stranger left the supper he & his wife were just sitting down to & gave over an hour of his time to come dig us out. Who does that?! 😮🤩 Of course 20 mins later the plows came through…🙄😂…but they did pull into our driveway & shovel the big drift they had just created. 👍
We couldn’t help but laugh knowing my Aunt Cyndi was looking down & just chuckling at all the craziness…it definitely did lift spirits on this really hard night for our family…& for that (& the kindness of this stranger) we are so grateful! 💓🙌
#GodIsGood #GodsGotThis #Blessed #NorthDakotaNice #Snowmageddon2019 #Blizzard #KindStranger #Thankful #Grateful

A little laugh from Heidi Neubert of Grand Forks after Blizzard Brenda:


And some warm feelings after the 9th Annual Pajama Drive:


Do onto others as you would want done onto you.

This story has all the feels and is what helped me make the decision to hold this Pajama Drive again this year, when I was feeling defeated and exhausted from my flooded basement this fall. Every night, as exhausted as I was, I had pajamas and a bed. Some of those that receive pajamas don’t have pajamas or a bed. I had so many reasons to be grateful and THIS 👇🏻 moment brought me right back to why I do this.

♥️ Normally, I never know who receives the pajamas that we collect and donate, but this year(2017) there was a magical twist. I was sent a request wondering if I would have 42 pairs of pajamas to donate to the 2 Winship kindergarten classes. They were doing their Polar Express unit the last week of school and would wear pajamas and drink cocoa and watch the movie as their big finale. This is a school that has about 90 percent of their students qualifying for free or reduced meals and have a very high population of EL students. The pajamas would be going to many, many kids in need. I had an abundance of the sizes they needed, so I jumped on the chance. One of the teachers picked up the pajamas from me, gave me a huge hug and a wonderful thank you and she was on her way. Now, what I never dreamed would happen, was that on the big day I was invited to come and see them all in their pajamas. So on my lunch hour last week I went and met and visited these 2 classes as they were enjoying the movie. There were so many hello’s and thank you’s that my heart darn near exploded. I needed this in my own heart right now and as I walked back to my car, I had tears rolling down my cheeks. THIS is why I do this. To let those who receive these pajamas feel the warmth and love from those within in this community. Everyone deserves to feel loved, and who doesn’t love the feeling of a new pair of pajamas?!? As you can see by the smiles in this picture, I would say we all did just that! Thank you to Mrs. Plante and Mrs. Ohnstad for the invite, I will never forget that moment. ♥️


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