Nice news of the day – December 18, 2019

Here’s a great fact for ya: North Dakota is ranked as the #1 state where millennials are likely to thrive financially?

And here’s something else great – today’s news is about grandmas and grandpas, stress-free teachers, and pizza!  Read on.

Belcourt’s Lisa and Randy Rogers lost their prematurely-born grandsons 13 years ago, so they started a Santa tradition where they use the money they would have spent on their grandchildren to buy gifts for other kids.  And a bonus: 140 people have now joined them in the giftgiving. (KX Net)

Teachers at Dickinson’s Lincoln Elementary School are being given free stress assessments to help them find better ways to care for their mental health. (Dickinson Press)

Congratulations to Bryan Stromberg of Jamestown on his 15 minutes of fame! (Jamestown Sun)

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