Nice news of the day – December 16, 2019

Today is National Chocolate-covered Anything Day!  Did you know the designer of the National Day Calendar is from right here in North Dakota?  You can learn more about it in today’s news.

And speaking of today’s news, you can already read about the importance of Meals on Wheels, and the impact of an apology.  Read on.

My grandmother just passed away and, while we have many worries around my grandfather – fortunately, how and what he eats are not one of those things.  And fortunately for many North Dakotans, we have programs like Meals on Wheels to make sure that no one needs to worry about that about their loved ones – to put it in perspective, three hundred people receive Meals on Wheels in northwest North Dakota alone.  And, as this article says, it’s so much more than delivering food. (KX Net)

I think it shows real character to be able to admit you were wrong, which is why I think this apology letter is worthwhile North Dakota Nice news. (Fargo Forum)

The National Day Calendar gets 25,000 applications a year for the Day of the Year, and the winning “Day” is selected by Marlo and Alice Anderson. (KX Net)


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