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From The Santa Claus Girls in Grand Forks:


Tonight the SCG team stood in a room filled with 1300 toys, 1300 books, 1300 hats & gloves, 1300 socks, 1300 coloring books, 1300 bags of M&M’s, 600 boxes of crayons, 600 rolls of tape and 600 rolls of wrapping paper all laid out beautifully for volunteers to pack holiday bags for children. We could not do this without the support of our amazing #Communty#GrandForksIsCooler for real, You have all come together for these kids because it is truly #ItsForTheKids all the time with the Santa Claus Girls. Thank You Grand Forks Community!

From Sheyna Strommen in Bismarck:


Clint has been out of school for over a month prepping for and recuperating from back surgery. When he returned this morning, his teachers and classmates came out to greet him and it meant the world to him….and his mama.❤️🥰❤️🥰❤️

From Jolene Stockert Thiel in Bismarck:


Please take a moment to read the letter that was written by my children and myself. We are doing a little something different for Christmas this year.

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays🎄

Over the years our family has wanted to start a new tradition, one that we will always remember and can be passed onto future generations. Last year, we all agreed to only do white elephant gifts, lo and behold my uncle, Josh, had purchased a large post office sized Santa Claus mailbox as my grandmas Christmas gift and showed up to the house with this “Magical Mailbox”. After opening white elephant gifts, we looked in the mailbox and found numerous letters from children to Santa Claus. As we read the letters we were overwhelmed with multiple emotions. Unfortunately, the information on the letters were limited so we couldn’t do much then. We felt so loved and grateful for all that we have and decided as a family that this would be our way of paying it forward.

This year, instead of purchasing gifts for our immediate family, we have decided to select some letters and help out others in the Bismarck/Mandan community. Please have your child(ren) write a letter to Santa Claus to place in this “Magical Mailbox”. If you would like to nominate a family with a child or children in need, please write Santa Claus a letter with their story. If you happen to be someone who is a little more fortunate this year and would like to donate, whether it be an item, gift card, or cash donation, please reach out to myself, my parents, my aunts/uncles, or grandparents. We would love to be able to stretch and gift to more than a handful. One of Santa’s helpers will be delivering the letters to Santa nightly from the “Magical Mailbox”.

Please have your letters dropped off by December 18th by 8:00pm to ensure Santa receives it. Include your name and address, Santa will personally deliver to the recipients on December 22nd and 23rd between 4pm and 8pm.

The “Magical Mailbox” is located near Johnny Gisi Memorial Park, 2601 East Calgary Avenue.

All we ask for is children of families TRULY in need🎄

Please feel free to share 🎄

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