Nice news of the day – December 9, 2019

Did you know the Mayville-Portland Winterfest started December 8 with a festival of songs, and continues through December 11-15 with a parade of lights, hayrides, fireworks, and candlelight shopping?

And did you know today’s news is about a trio of sisters, a statewide traveler, and a dog named Hex?  Read on.

I have a sister and I love to do basically anything with her – so I’m totally jealous of Bismarck sisters Linda Kunick, Leila Twogood, and Cheryl Holcomb, who spent Thanksgiving preparing a meal for 300 people. (Bismarck Tribune)

This is the coolest idea for a travel adventure: Jim Puppe visited all 617 towns in North Dakota in order to talk to the locals and gain as much wisdom as he could.  You can read about what he learned in his new book, “Dakota Attitude: Interviews from Every Town in North Dakota.” (Grand Forks Herald)

A pup named Hex is one of only 30 dogs nationwide (and the only one in North Dakota) to help catch internet crimes such as child pornography.  Bonus: Hex is also helping South Dakota and Minnesota until they get their own dogs. (KX Net)

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