Nice news of the day – November 27, 2019

Did you know that 14-year-old Paige McCormick of Fargo recently won the US Tennis Association’s Northern Fall Junior Open in Eden Prairie?

And did you know today’s news is about Dorothy Adams, Vanessa Lange, and John Pretzer?  Read on.

This is the story of Dorothy Adams, another North Dakota actress from the mid-1900s.  Fun fact: she was on “Gunsmoke” (and “Leave It to Beaver,” among many other things).  Another fun fact: I was sort-of named after a character on the show “Gunsmoke.”  My mom woke my dad up in the middle of the night near her due date and said, “How about Amanda?”  And my dad rolled over and said, “Sounds like ‘Gunsmoke.’” And here I am, 39 years later, named Amanda, and never having seen a single episode of “Gunsmoke.” (Fargo Forum)

I danced for my entire childhood, and I totally agree that it’s amazing for both confidence and body control. (KX Net)

Congratulations to Scranton Public School for winning a Values-Driven Award of Excellence at the 2019 Cognia Midwest Region Conference! (Adams County Record)

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