Nice news of the day – November 18, 2019

Did you know Wahpeton is celebrating its 150th birthday with a parade of lights and fireworks show on November 29 and 30?

And did you know today’s news is about four brothers, a problem at a YMCA that was fixed by Facebook, and Veterans Day celebrations?  Read on.

The Minot YMCA put out a call for help after their facility flooded, and a contractor and a plumber stepped up to help immediately – and a bunch of community members used it as their chance to help out cleaning and rearranging donated items. (Minot Daily News)

This is a sad, but a happy, story.  To the relief of their father, four brothers from Goodrich, who all died at different times, were re-laid to rest (one in memorial, as he wanted to stay in a warmer climate 🙂 ) at the Veterans Cemetery in Mandan.  (Bismarck Tribune)

There were so many Veterans Day programs in the schools throughout the State.  SO, SO AWESOME.  I couldn’t possibly post all of them, so here is the one in Williston that will represent them all. (Williston Herald)

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