Nice news of the day – November 12, 2019

Did you know North Dakota turned 130 years old last week?  North Dakota was admitted as a state in the union at 3:40pm on November 2, 1889.

And did you know today’s news is about eyeglasses, toilet paper, and pit bulls?  Read on.

Have some old eyeglasses laying around?  The Mandan High School Leo Club is “trick-or-treating” for used glasses for those in need.  And you don’t need to live in Mandan to donate!  (KX Net)

When I first read this, I thought – do people really need all of that toilet paper?  But OF COURSE they (and we) do.  There are eight women on my floor in my office, and we go through at least three giant rolls a week.  And there’s nothing worse than 1-ply, which I’m assuming is what the Minot Area Homeless Coalition, Community Action, and the Men’s Winter Refuge usually get.  So, what I’m trying to say is that the Veterans Center in Minot is doing a great service. (KFYR TV)

My husband sent me this article for North Dakota Nice, and by the time I got to it, it had been picked up by CNN.  So, you may have read it, but it’s still definitely nice.  A brewery in Fargo has put hard-to-place dogs on their cans to help them with their adoption. (CNN)

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