Nice news of the day – November 8, 2019

Did you now the Medora Musical Christmas Show will be touring around 23 ND, MN, and MT communities from November 29 – December 22?

And did you know today’s news is about Valley City artists, backwards trick-or-treating, and the Story of the Week?  Read on.

As you know, I love all of the unexpected art that has been cropping up all over walls, benches, and now newspapers stands all over North Dakota. (Valley City Times-Record)

Unfortunately, there are children in the hospital on Halloween – and so Sanford holds a “backwards” trick-or-treat to bring the holiday to their healing patients. (KVRR)

Story of the Week: As the granddaughter of a woman who has recently become immobile and LOVED going on dates with my grandfather, this story about bringing a beautiful memory to a couple in CountryHouse Residence, really goes right to my heart. (Dickinson Press)

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