Nice news of the day – November 7, 2019

Do you live in Bismarck and have a few extra hours to share?  Heaven’s Helpers Soup Café is looking for volunteers to help serve meals.

And do you have a few minutes to read today’s news – about a new idea to combat opioid addiction, a new AED location, and improved rural communication?  If so, read on.

This fall under the “Teach a man to fish…” concept: North Dakota held a 6-week workshop on how to manage chronic pain without opioids(KX Net)

I recently heard a deeply-moving story where a person’s life was saved by his family thanks to an AED (Automated External Defibrillator, or a small machine to shock your heart during a heart attack), and so it’s amazing that Hettinger Public School was able to donate one to the Hettinger Armory. (Adams County Extra)

The Rural Community Grant Fund has given out $4 million since 2012 to help improve infrastructure in North Dakota – including in Killdeer, who recently received a grant to make their communication even better. (Dickinson Press)

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