Nice news of the day – November 4, 2019

Did you know the family of West Fargo’s Landon Solberg has created the Landon’s Light Foundation to provide scholarships to local kids?

And did you know today’s news is about a prolific pumpkin display, a Minot mural, and a friendly ghost?  Read on.

Paul and Stephanie Kuzel use hundreds of pumpkins to create amazing displays for your viewing enjoyment along ND Highway 18 in Lidgerwood. (Wahpeton Daily News)

I’m in love with this new-old trend of muralling building walls.  Here is the latest artwork around the state – this time in Minot. (Minot Daily News)

If you’ve been in downtown Grand Forks, you probably know the Opera House.  Located right on the railroad tracks, it was home to a bowling alley and apartments when I was a kid, and now it’s fancy apartments and the Rhombus Brewery.  But during its opera house days, it would also function as casket storage for bodies being transported for whatever reason by rail.  My company renovated the building after the Flood (post-bowling alley times), and we heard from many of the former tenants that all of the units along the elevator (which would have been used to move the caskets) were haunted.  I don’t know if the ghosts didn’t like the work we did or what, but we managed the apartments for a while after we renovated it and we didn’t hear anything more about any hauntings.

So, it makes sense why Saul’s, and not Rhombus, is the most haunted restaurant in North Dakota, according to the Food Network.  And, in true North Dakota Nice fashion, Saul is apparently very friendly. (Food Network)

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