Nice news of the day – October 31, 2019

Happy Halloween!

Did you know Mary Stark Elementary in Mandan has set up a food pantry to help students and their families keep their bellies full?  It’s open every Wednesday before and after school and is tucked away in a portable classroom so people can remain anonymous.

And did you know today’s news has some stats on free lunches, a SUPER fan, and a pretty sweet Halloween joke that you can totally tell your friends?  Read on.

You saw on here that many of the local schools offered free lunches (and sometimes breakfasts, too) to any families of students facing food insecurities when school lunches aren’t available.  Bismarck Public Schools, for example, gave out 19,000 meals (900 a day), and now need sponsors for two of their locations, which lost federal funding. (KFYR TV)

My husband is a long-suffering Edmonton Oilers fan, and so our basement has a bit of his fandom on display.  It’s nothing compared to Alan King, though – a University of North Dakota professor and die-hard New Orleans Saints fan, whose passion was recently featured by the New Orleans Advocate. (Nola)

What does a vegan zombie eat?  GRAAAIIINNNNSSSS.  The Horror on Harmon haunted house raises money for United Tribes Technical College scholarships – and the enthusiastic use of Halloween jokes in this article makes it worth the read (besides all of the North Dakota Niceness in it). (KX Net)

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