Nice news of the day – October 30, 2019

Did you know North Dakota recently received The Attorney General’s Award for Fraud Prevention for the state’s efforts to combat fraud against the elderly and most vulnerable?

And did you know today’s news is about some Germans in North Dakota, a lifesaving Dakotan, and a custom casket?  Read on.

My coworker’s family hosted a student abroad student from Spain last year, and it was such a positive experience for all of them – they even went as a family to stay with her family after it was over – that my coworker is now hosting the family’s son, too.  Based on the happy faces in this photo, I’m guess the Williston High School study abroad families and students had a similar experience. (Williston Herald)

When North Dakota Nice becomes North Dakota Life: Four years ago, Dawn Degidio tried to kill herself by smoking crystal meth.  She collapsed on the side of the road between Thompson and North Dakota, and an anonymous man saved her. (Grand Forks Herald)

We certainly can’t hide from death, so Hillsboro’s El Olsen decided to make the most of it by designing and building his own casket with his family’s help.  Side note: he’s not sick or anything; he just wanted to make his own super-tricked-out coffin.  Believe it or not, this story is pretty cute. (Hillsboro Banner)


Image by artist and photographer Daria Khoroshavina

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