Nice news of the day – October 29, 2019

Happy birthday to Olga Hovet of Watford City, who turned 100 this month!

And did you know today’s news has a DIY heated gazebo, Chevy Camaro, and poetry?  Read on.

Ambercrombie’s Guy and Yvette Klosterman built a heated gazebo out of a grain bin and the Brainerd Dispatch has a very detailed account of the construction process if you want to build one yourself. (Brainerd Dispatch)

Richardton’s Charlotte Renner Locklear wrote a book on her family’s farming history, and celebrated its launch with a poetry workshop. (Dunn County Extra)

When I was younger, I had a Ford Tempo that I loved.  LOVED.  It was a total piece of crap with two temperatures (hot and off), automatic seat belts, and an ignition switch so loose you could take the key out while the car was on.  My parents sold it after I graduated from high school and it made it only a few months before dying for good.  So I’m totally jealous that Jodi Cook’s sons, Shea and Nick Gaier, tracked down her actual car – not the same make and model, the EXACT car – that Jodi had in her youth, and restored it…and now it’s the coolest car you’ll see this year. (Grand Forks Herald)

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