Nice news of the day – October 22, 2019

Did you know North Dakota National Guard’s Company A, 164th Engineer Battalion was recently awarded the Valorous Unit Award for their actions during Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2005-2006?

And did you know today’s news is about the next generation of sauerkraut, giving farmers some love, and okapi?  Read on.

Katie Pinke of the Pinke Post uses Wishek’s Sauerkraut Day – which sounds AMAZING – to talk about the importance of the next generation carrying on the tradition of community building.  Great point, great food, great article. (Grand Forks Herald)

I live out in the country and drive past a number of fields with crops just sitting in water.  As the daughter-in-law of a farmer, I worry about the long-term ramifications of this year’s harvest to our North Dakota family farms, and especially the mental health of the individual farmers – so I’m so glad to see events like this. (Grand Forks Herald)

There are only 30 zoos with an okapi, which looks like a cross between a zebra and – I dunno – an anteater (?) and Minot’s Roosevelt Park Zoo is one of them. (Minot Daily News)

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