Nice news of the day – September 24, 2019

Did you know the Minot State University Summer Theatre attracted an amazing 12,000 audience members and sold out all 10 of its “Beauty and the Beast” performances?

And did you know today’s news is about colorful corn, lovable bees, and shopping?  Read on.

You know that pretty (and sweet) colorful corn called Indian corn?  It’s a labor of love that takes over 100 days to grow, and so here is the story of the only (current) Indian corn farmer in Morton County. (Bismarck Tribune)

I’m loving all of these bee stories this summer!  Here’s another one about teaching 6th graders about our state’s favorite pollinators.  Also, check out this line from the article: “In ancient Egypt, for example, if the beekeeper died, someone from his family would go out, lay a hand on the hive, and gently tell them of the keeper’s death. They would also reassure them that a new beekeeper will care for them. They don’t need to fly away and find a new home.” (Williston Herald)

My mother-in-law LOVED chotchkies, and so I bet she would have had quite the time in the Edinburg General Store. (Grand Forks Herald)

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