Nice news of the day – September 18, 2019

Did you know Brigadier General Jackie Huber will soon be North Dakota’s first female deputy adjutant general?  She takes her post October 1.

And did you know today’s news is about a Fargo lifesaver, Victory Gardens, and cows?  Read on.

Ashton Hanson in Williston is 13 and about to get a new lease on life – he’s making a list of all of the things he can now do that he couldn’t before – thanks to a Fargo nurse and mother named Jan Germundson. (Williston Herald)

This is a thoughtful look back at the importance of North Dakota Victory Gardens by a woman who knows gardens like the back of her hand (because her last name is GARDEN!). (Bismarck Tribune)

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had one of my (non-North Dakota) relatives try to tell me how bad cows are for the environment.  Not only is that not true, but recent research has shown that ranchers are actually integral to preserving grasslands. (Bismarck Tribune)

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