Nice news of the day – September 2, 2019

Did you know Hillsboro-Central Valley Schools now have five gaming computers and setups and will be starting an esports club league this fall?  The teams will be coached by high school math teacher Logan McAllister.

And did you know today’s news is all about sage grouse, international North Dakotans, and a pup crawl.  Read on.

My husband is Canadian, and when we were first married we went up to Saskatchewan so he could go duck hunting.  There were (and probably still are) all sorts of rules for transporting wildlife across the border, which I found pretty amusing because I assumed those ducks didn’t stop to check in before flying from country to country.  Turns out no one told the grouse that they should make a border stop, either, because North Dakota has been working hard to relocate (and keep) sage grouse from Wyoming. (Bismarck Tribune)

Four Langdon Area School students joined 300 of their peers to travel and perform with the Northern Ambassadors of Music through England, Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, and Greece. (Cavalier County Extra)

You’ve heard of a pub crawl, but what about a Pup Crawl? (Wahpeton Daily News)

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