Nice news of the day – July 25, 2019

Since bee colony numbers are way down across the country, North Dakota is picking up the delicious slack – leading the nation in honey production.  You can learn more at

And you can learn more about the nice people of North Dakota in today’s news – about PB&J sandwiches and not one, but two farm days.  Plus, a bonus story!  Read on.

Bismarck’s Lauryn Hinckley started Stopping Hunger One Backpack at a Time at the old age of 9, and has raised over $115,000 through PB&J drives and other creative events. (Bismarck Tribune) (KVRR)

NDSU Extension Center hosts an annual Field Day to educate the public on the latest crop research. (Adams County Extra)

And speaking of field days, Northern Great Plains Research Lab had a farm-friendly community party that I wish I would have attended because it sounds awesome. (KFYR TV)

BONUS: Korina Holte lives in Shelly, Minnesota but goes to school in Hillsboro, so we’re going to count this buzz-worthy story as North Dakota Nice. (Hillsboro Banner)

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