Nice news of the day – June 28, 2019

Did you know North Dakota is the fourth-youngest state in the U.S., and last year was the only state to have the median age get younger – a sign that young people are moving to and staying in North Dakota?

And today’s news – about Churchs Ferry, veteran fishing trips, and lemonade – is so nice that I could have made any one of the three articles the Story of the Week.  Can you guess which one I picked?  Read on.

Churchs Ferry may only have a population of 12 people, but during Churchs Ferry Days the town is bumpin’. (Devils Lake Journal)

For the last eight years, On the Water Inc. has taken veterans on free fishing trips.  The best quote from the article comes from group Vice President Jeff Willock: “The guys are leaving and saying, we don’t deserve this.  Well if you don’t, who does?” (KX Net)

Story of the Week: You may have seen a few not-so-nice stories from around the country about lemonade stands that were shut down due to legal complains.  You may also have seen a story about how Countrytime Lemonade is working to change those laws and get those kids back out there.  However, you may not have heard about the third annual Lemonade Day in Williston, where lemonade salesmanship was not only legal, but welcomed – and awarded. (Williston Herald)

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