Nice news of the day – May 16, 2019

Congratulations to Caitlyn Vogel, Miss North Dakota Teen USA for winning First Runner-up Miss Teen USA!

And speaking of great people, today’s news is about a lifesaving grandson, archery, and a book character come to life. Read on.

This furthers my theory that no one has ever said, “Boy, I really wasted my time with that CPR class.”  A Grand Forks high school sophomore saved his grandma’s life after she had an allergic reaction to peanuts.  And by saved her life, she “died” twice while he was helping her, so like, someone’s having a pretty great Christmas this year. (Grand Forks Herald)

It looks like archery is giving hockey a run for its money in terms of popularity in North Dakota. (Jamestown Sun)

Elgin-New Leipzig students got to meet one of the characters in Christopher Johnson McCandless’ Into the Wild. (Grant County News)

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