Nice news of the day – May 13, 2019

Did you know that the Tri-County Tourism Alliance has created a list of restaurants that serve German or German-Russian foods?  Time for a foodie trip – here’s the list!

And speaking of good things, today’s news is an update on a Derby winner, a theater contest, and grocery bags.  Read on.

Phew! (KFYR TV)

I love that our state has a one-act play contest for students. (KX Net)

I used to hoard plastic grocery bags to use to clean out my cat’s litterbox.  Now that she’s gone, I’ve realized just how many plastic bags we throw away every day.  I’m definitely not one to be preachy about it, which is why I’m glad there are stores like this that help people like me who want to make a change but are too lazy to do so without a little prodding. (Minot Daily News)

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