Nice news of the day – April 2, 2019

Did you know North Dakota has been ranked the 10th best state in the U.S. for doctors, and has the 5th most hospitals per capita?

And did you know today’s news is about a “wheel”-y great basketball tourney, HOSA, and ABBA?  Read on.

Ninety basketball players participated in Dreams in Motion’s annual wheelchair basketball tournament – which was open to both able-bodied and mobility-challenged individuals. (KX Net)

“Mamma Mia!” is coming to North Dakota for the first time ever. (Williston Herald)

The Killdeer Health Occupations Students of America chapter helped 20 people donate blood as they work towards their “Red Cord.” (Dunn County Extra)

And a bonus: I love letters to the editor like this. (Grand Forks Herald)

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