North Dakota N”ice”: A snowstorm, a hockey game, and an act of kindness

This story comes from the wonderful Kaia Lunde of Grand Forks:

I was heading to the last UND men’s hockey game of the year with a friend. Since parking is limited to the members of the Champions Club, my friend and I thought we’d walk from my place. For the record, I live about a half a mile away, so walking isn’t out of the question.

The night was like a blizzard, winds gusting, blowing snow everywhere. We’d received nearly 10 inches of snow during the day and the streets hadn’t been cleared due to the snow still falling. Since we are both runners, my friend and I decided to run the second we got on the street. We were in the final 400 when we saw headlights behind us. I thought the car would wait until we hit the intersection, but was surprised it came along beside us. The two men in the vehicle rolled down their window. “You going to the hockey game?” Yep. “Hop in.” We could have been fearful, but they looked trustworthy. We were quickly whisked away and were dropped off at the student door with one of the men. “Meet us at this door if you want a ride home, we will get you there safe and sound.”

Sure enough, after the game the older men were there waiting for us and my friend I were safely dropped off at home. Although we would have loved the extra exercise, getting a ride in a blizzard wasn’t a bad deal. We are grateful for these kind gentlemen who took pity on some girls running to the game in a blizzard, even if the men did describe us as “making good time.”

Thank you to those awesome strangers, and thank you for sharing, Kaia!

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