Nice news of the day – March 5, 2019

Did you know that Fargo’s Jim Lanier is the oldest person to finish the toughest sled dog race in the world? Check him out.

And did you know today’s news is about snowmobiles, breakfast, and a puppy?  Read on.

Dozens turned out from around North Dakota for Cassidy’s Ride, a snowmobile fundraiser in honor of a Cooperstown teenager who was bullied.  Bonus – the event raised $12,000 for the Cooperstown School to hire speakers who focus on bullying and depression. (Valley City Times-Record)

Myhre Elementary is not only offering free breakfast, it’s letting kids eat it in the classroom. (KX Net)

It took a while for sixth-grader Zeke to make his Wish – but when he finally did, his choice was pawsitively great. (Dickinson Press)

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