Nice news of the day – February 14, 2019

Did you know that the Minot Air Force Base contributed $543M to the local economy in 2018?

And speaking of the MAFB, today’s nice news is about their new Twitter account – as well as blankets for cancer patients and P.E. for homeschoolers.  Read on.

Two for one: Community Kicking Cancer makes comfort blankets and gives gas cards to cancer patients, and the Adams County Jaycees donated $1,500 to help make it happen. (Adams County Extra)

The Minot Air Force Base is now on Twitter. (KX Net)

I am constantly impressed by people who homeschool their children (I can’t get my boys to put on their socks).  The University of Jamestown thinks it’s great, too, and so they are now offering a P.E. class for homeschooled children to make sure they get their exercise. (Jamestown Sun)

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