Nice news of the day – February 13, 2019

Congratulations to Hankinson’s Abby Post for winning the statewide “Voice of Democracy” contest!

And speaking of big winners, today’s news is about a herd of horse lovers, a schoolful of donors, and…marinated raccoon.  Read on.

The students at Richardton-Taylor (and the surrounding community, of course) raised thousands of dollars for a classmate injured in a car accident. (Dickinson Press)

“Hippology” means “study of the horse,” and the North Dakota 4H hippology team won big at the Western National Roundup in Denver. (Pierce County Tribune)

“Beautiful Badlands” found a copy of the 2002 North Dakota Cowboy Hall of Fame cookbook and posted some of the highlights – marinated racooon, anyone – for your cooking pleasure. (Beautiful Badlands)

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