Nice news of the day – February 5, 2019

North Dakota’s motto is “Liberty and Union, Now and Forever, One and Inseparable” – but did you know that when we were still the Dakota Territory, the motto was, “Liberty and Union, One and Inseparable, Now and Forever.”  The wording was transposed upon statehood.

And speaking of other interesting facts, today’s nice news is about an unique car, a herd of cows, and Mr. Rogers’ favorite television station.  Read on.

Minot’s Henry Vannett put two 1957 Fords together and created a vehicle that is now in the Klairmont Killections museum in Chicago. (Minot Daily News)

Thanks to the Foundation Female Program, an eighth-grader in Bowman was just awarded a 0-percent APR loan to purchase five of his own heifers to start his own herd. (Bowman Extra)

Watford City is coming to a PBS station near you. (McKenzie County Farmer)

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