Nice news of the day – February 4, 2019

Happy post-Super Bowl Day!  Did you know that there have been 51 professional football players from North Dakota?

And did you know that today’s nice news is about HOF referees, a connecting congregation, and the champion of weeds?  Read on.

Sports referees get a lot of guff, so it’s pretty nice that North Dakota has an Officials Association Hall of Fame to recognize officials like Jim Ladbury, who have given decades to make sure athletes get a fair shot. (Dickinson Press)

After growing up in an orphanage in the Republic of Congo during the Congolese Civil War, John Ndabuguye was welcomed by Evangel Church in Bismarck – who helped reunite him with his long-lost mother. (KX Net)

I need to get Travis Jepson out to my house to tell me how to get rid of all of this portulacas. (Dickinson Press)

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