Nice news of the day – January 24, 2019

We all know that the world’s largest buffalo – Dakota Thunder – is in Jamestown. It is 26 feet tall and weighs 60 tons.  But did you know that today’s nice news is about high school internships, plastic bags, and Baby Shark?  Read on.

Jamestown High School students were offered semester-long internships around town, which I think is basically the ideal form of career education – and probably a lot more work than you’d think for the businesses, so bravo to them for helping these kids get a leg up on their future. (Jamestown Sun)

Even if you don’t like “Baby Shark,” everything about this story is pretty great. (KX Net)

Fifth-graders in Fargo are competing to gather as many plastic bags as possible to learn how to start to eliminate them. (KVRR)


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