Nice news of the day – January 22, 2019

Did you know Beans Coffee Bar in Fargo was named North Dakota’s coolest-looking coffee cup by the Food Network – possssssibly because they put a mini doughnut on top of each cup?

And did you know today’s nice news is about bouncy castles, history, and awesome scouts? Read on.

“Thirty inflatables” sounds like a kid paradise – and it’s coming to a town near you. (KVRR)

My boss used to give a downtown walking tour of Grand Forks and even though I’m a third-generation Grand Forks resident, I learned something new about GF every time.  I’m so glad kids in Bismarck have the opportunity to do the same. (KFYR TV)

The Theodore Roosevelt Award is one of the big three honors the Boy Scouts of America bestows upon its members, and not one, but two boys in Jamestown just earned it. (Jamestown Sun)


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