Nice news of the day – January 18, 2019

The only surprise here is that we’re not #1: North Dakota is the third-best state in the country to raise a family, according to WalletHub. And other things that are great here: Minot State students, non-traditional graduates, and a Rainbow Baby. Read on.

  • Minot State University walked Miles for Smiles (and coffee) to raise money for Operation Smile. (KFYR TV)
  • Stephanie Ell calls her five-year-old her “Rainbow Baby,” and together they handed out sunshine in the form of money certificates, food pantry donations, and pastries for first responders. (KFYR TV)
  • I’m so grateful for alternative schools like Southwest Community High School, which support non-traditional students – like those with children themselves – earn their high school diploma. (Dickinson Press)


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