Nice news of the day – January 2, 2019

Guess what? North Dakota’s population is currently at an all-time high of 760,077 residents, up 4,901 from last year.

And guess what else? Today’s nice news is about sausage making, high school graduating, and hydrant adopting. Read on.

  • The Langdon Locker makes 3,500 pounds of sausage every week that they ship all around the region (they also processed 5,000 pounds of deer meat in the first month of hunting season), and as I’m typing this my husband is warming up the car because we’re gonna go get some. (Grand Forks Herald) 
  • Standing Rock’s Solen High School has improved its graduation rate from 35.7% to 45.5% in the last two years. (Bismarck Tribune) 
  • If you live in Dickinson, the fire department is hoping you’ll adopt a hydrant. (Dickinson Press)


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